Prostarex Review

This review of Prostarex brings to a potential customer a product which lives up to its name and talks about the beneficial qualities backed by evidence. Containing a unique blend of scientifically proven ingredients, this product provides a multi-action support system for prostate health by addressing prostate, urinary and sexual health elements. Prostarex uses a scientifically formulated combination of the most effective and extensively researched ingredients known to support and maintain good prostate health. Read on to know more about Prostarex and how it works.


  • Saw Palmetto
  • Muira Puama Root
  • Beta Sitosterol
  • Vitamin Formula
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Pygeum Bark
  • Epimedium
  • Nettle Leaves
  • Amino Acids
  • Green Tea
  • Lycopene
  • Quercetin
  • Soy Isoflavones
  • Swedish Flower Pollen


Taken as a dietary supplement, one capsule can be taken in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

Possible Side Effects

There are no possible side effects however the manufacturers advise patients who are taking other medications, or with previous health conditions, should consult a doctor first before using any supplements including Prostarex.


Prostarex is sold at different price packages-

  • Single Bottle Package is for $49.95 /Each
  • Starter Package – 2 Bottle Supply is for $34.95 /Each
  • Intermediate Package  – 4 Bottle Supply is for $27.95 /Each
  • Best Value Package – 6 Bottle Supply is for $23.30 /Each


The manufacturers provide customers with a money back guarantee. They offer a Risk Free 100% satisfaction guarantee. If at any time a customer is unsatisfied with the product, they can return any opened and unopened bottles within sixty days for a full refund of the purchase price, not including shipping. The manufacturers have given the following steps to receive a full refund:

Contact the customer support for Return Number (RMA#) and return address.

Place your RMA# inside or outside of the package along with your name and address.

Ship the product back to them.

If a customer has any questions, they can call the customer support.  The customers should remember to call the customer service to get their return number (RMA number). Packages must be returned within 60 days.

To be considered for reimbursement, products purchased through standard delivery (“all non-auto-ship purchased products”) must be unopened and in the original packaging. Product issues not declared within 30 days of purchase are not entitled to a refund.

There are many customer reviews that can be found on the website and all of them speak highly of the product as well as are satisfied with the results.


Overall Prostarex comes across as a reliable product and is manufactured in a cGMP Certified laboratory in the USA. Moreover Prostarex™ is constantly tested to ensure that it is safe to use. The product is a 100% all natural with no additives, preservative, or artificial ingredients. Prostarex strengthens the bladder and stops uncomfortable drips.  It also reduces the night visits to the bathroom with decreasing necessity to urinate. The product maintains a healthy prostate function by boosting vitamin, minerals and nutrient deficiencies. It helps in balancing hormones and immunity to support body defense mechanisms. It further improves the overall sexual function, performance and response.

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Research Verified Prosta Relief Review

This review of Research Verified Prosta – Relief will give an insight into how effective this product is and how it can help prostate sufferers.  Unlike other similar products we have researched and reviewed, Prosta – Relief really delivers what it promises. The manufacturer has come up with a formula containing 18 ingredients that have been tested and proven effective in treating prostate problems. This dietary supplement does not only shrink the oversized prostate and improve urine flow by strengthening the bladder, but it also enhances the sex drive and overall sex performance. Read on to find out how Prosta – Relief works in fighting prostate problems.


The ingredients for this product are:

  • Vitamin D 3
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B 6
  • Zinc (Citrate)
  • Selenium
  • Beta sitosterol complex
  • Saw palmetto
  • Green tea leaf
  • Pygeum bark
  • Muira puama root
  • Epimedium
  • Soy isoflavones
  • Nettles leaves
  • L – alanine
  • L – glutamic acid
  • L – glycine
  • Quercetin leaves / stem
  • Lycopene
  • Swedish Flower Pollen

Keep in mind that all of the above come in the exact purities and concentrations as in the clinical trials. Inactive ingredients are: water, stearic acid, glyceril stearate and fragrance.


The label recommends adults to take this treatment as a dietary supplement twice a day. The capsules should be taken with meals, one in the morning and one at night. This recommended dosage should not be exceeded.


One bottle of Prosta – relief with 60 capsules (a month supply of the product) is $49.95. However, the manufacturer also offers some pretty tempting discounts. If the customer buys two bottles, he only has to pay $20 for the second one. There are also free bottles offers that customers can take advantage of. Paying full price for two bottles means getting other two bottles for free and the best value package is the one for three full price bottles, where the customer can get other three bottles for free.


This product comes with an incredibly strong 60 days money back guarantee. The purpose of this guarantee is to further state the manufacturer’s confidence in this treatment. Unsatisfied customers only need to return the sealed or unsealed bottles within two months from the purchase in order to get a full refund (shipment fee not included). This return policy is not unprecedented, but very rare and it makes the best value multi bottle packages more approachable. However, we doubt that the manufacturers at Research Verified get many returns since the customer reviews for this product are all positive.


Compared to other prostate treatment products that we have reviewed, Research Verified’s Prosta Relief emerges as the best one currently available on the market. First of all, it only contains extensively researched and tested ingredients that have been guaranteed to treat prostate problems. Second of all, the competitive prices are really hard to ignore, especially since the manufacturer offers such a strong two months guarantee. And last but not least, the positive customer reviews for this supplement are another reason why we are convinced it would be a smart treatment choice.

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Vitalmax Vitamins Prostanol Review

This is a review of Vitalmax Vitamins’ herbal supplement named Prostanol. This product is claimed to help eliminate dripping, urinary hesitation and constant trips to the bathroom in the middle of night.

It does so by reducing the swelling of your prostate, which alleviates pressure building up on your bladder.

You can get in most local drug stores or order it from the official webpage.


Prostanol is made using the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Zinc
  • Saw Palmetto
  • L-glutamic Acid
  • L-alanine,
  • Chrysin
  • Glycine
  • Nettle Leaf Powder Extract
  • Methoxyisoflavone
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Phytosterols
  • Phosphatidylcholine
  • Lycopene
  • Cranberry Concentrate Powder


One bottle of Prostanol contains 60 capsules, which is enough for 30 servings, as the manufacturer recommends taking two soft gels a day, with a glass of water. It was not specified on the official website whether these soft gels should be taken with or without food or whether to take them both at the same time or split them, one in the morning and one in the evening.


You can purchase this product in one, two, four and six month supplies. One month supply of Prostanol costs $39.95. Two month supply comes at a price of $71.90, which saves you $8. Four month supply is $131.80, which will save you $28. A six month supply costs $179.70 and saves you $60. Even with bulk discounts, this product is quite expensive when compared with similar products made by other manufacturers.

What to Expect

Using Prostanol for three weeks has produced mixed results. My nightly trips to the bathroom have become less frequent and I’m noticing less and less dripping. However I am still experiencing difficulties starting, which quite unfortunate as it is often coupled with a sense of urgency.

Keep an Eye Out

Children under the age of 18, pregnant and nursing mothers and individuals with an underlying medical condition should check with their doctor before adding this or any other supplement to your everyday diet.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer offers a full money back guarantee for all customers not completely satisfied with the performance of their product. Even those who have emptied the bottle completely can make a return and get a full refund, within 60 days of original purchase.

Customer reviews page was not present on the official website at the time of writing this. This is often the case with new products, but a missing a reviews page may raise a concern to some customers. However, there was one review present on the retailer’s page and the customer was quite satisfied with the purchase.

The Bottom Line

Vitalmax Vitamins Prostanol appears to be a good product, with the right amount of vitamins and minerals and praise from satisfied customers. This is very important for potentially new customers, as they rely heavily on these reviews when buying health related products. Price is quite steep, even with a number of bulk discounts, which can lead to potential customers opting out for similar products made by other manufacturers.

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Native Remedies ProState Relief Review

This review for Native Remedies ProState Relief is intended to inform you about the characteristics of this herbal supplement and give you a general idea whether you should purchase this product or not.

The manufacturer states it is very efficient in alleviating sudden and strong urges that accompany frequent trips to the bathroom at night. It does so by strengthening urine flow during urination and preventing dribbling after from happening afterwards.

Customers can choose between taking this product in pellet form or as a dissolvable tablet.


This homeopathic product is made using the following ingredients:

  • Sabal serrulata 6C HPUS
  • Cubeba 6C HPUS
  • Chimaphila umbellata 6C HPUS
  • Conium maculatum 6C HPUS
  • Clematis 6C HPUS

This mixture of ingredients is carefully selected as it has the most benefits when it comes to treatment of prostate problems. These range from prostate support and bladder control to assistance with difficulties concerning frequent trips to the bathroom, dripping and intermittent and weak urine flow.


Directions are fairly simple, both for dissolvable tablets and pellets. They should be taken every two to three hours on an empty stomach. Once the symptoms subside, take them three times per day, for 5 straight days. The only difference between the two is dosage, you should take two tablets or four pellets per serving.


One bottle of ProState Relief will cost you $39.95, whether you get it in tablet or pellet form. This may seem a bit expensive, but the manufacturer is offering a discount for bulk buying where if you buy two bottles you get one bottle of ProState Relief for free.

What to Expect

As is the case with all products of this nature, time needed for results to become noticeable varies from individual to individual. Some may experience improvement within days of using this product, while for others it may take a bit longer than expected.

For me, it took just a couple of days before I started noticing some small improvements concerning my prostate problem, but nothing major, as advertised. I will continue using it for some time, as the manufacturer advises using it continuously for best results.

Keep an Eye Out

Make sure to consult your doctor or a health care representative if the symptoms persist over time or get even worse. Strong, mint-flavored candy should be avoided when taking this product, as may reduce its effectiveness.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Customers unsatisfied with their purchase may return the product within a full year of the original purchase and get a full refund. Have in mind that refunds are given only for orders of $200 or less. Orders that exceed $200 are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Review are present on the original product page and customers seem satisfied with their purchase.

The Bottom Line

Native Remedies ProState Relief appears to be a good product, according to a number of satisfied customers. This is a good thing for new customers, which rely heavily on the reviews before purchasing. The only downside is the price, which is somewhat steep even with the available discount.

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Hampshire Labs Antiiva Review

This review of Hampshire Labs Antiiva Men’s Formula is intended to educate and advise future customers on whether or not this product will suit their individual needs. Hampshire Labs claim Antiiva relieves the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate and bring an end to constant trips to the bathroom at night. They also claim it even helps with sexual performance problems caused by the enlarged prostate.

Please read on if you think you may be experiencing prostate related symptoms.



This all-natural supplement is made using the following:

  • Beta Sitosterol
  • Campestrol (from beta sitosterol)
  • Stigmasterol (from beta sitosterol)
  • Brassicasterol (from beta sitosterol)
  • Isoflavones (40% standardized extract)
  • Selenium (from Selenium methinonine)
  • Zinc Citrate
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil

Other ingredients include dicalcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, stearic acid and terra alba.


The manufacturer recommends taking two tablets per day, preferably in the morning and in the evening, before going to bed. Unfortunately, it was not specified whether customers should take them on an empty stomach or with meals.


One bottle of Antiiva containing 60 tablets costs $29.95. This is enough to last you one month of continuous use. Price may be somewhat hefty, but the manufacturer is offering discounts for buying in bulk, so if you order two bottles of Antiiva, you get one for free and when ordering three, you get three for free.

What to Expect

After using this product for a month now, I must admit I have observed some improvement regarding my prostate problem, however this improvement didn’t come close to those advertised by the manufacturer. Some products need months of continuous use to be able to produce results and because of that I will continue using it until I’ve finished with my supply and report if any progress has been made.

Keep an Eye Out

Consultation with a doctor or a health care representative is in order before taking this, or any other similar product. This is especially important for children under the age of 18, pregnant and nursing mothers and individuals with an underlying medical condition.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Customer unsatisfied with their purchase can make a return within 120 days of the original purchase. Contacting the manufacturer before making a return is not necessary, but customers are advised to include a copy of the original slip or a note to help identify their order. Shipping is not covered by the guarantee and must be paid by the customer.

Reviews are pretty mixed when it comes to this product. Some individuals state Antiiva has been really efficient in treating their problem, but some express dissatisfaction because the product did produce the necessary results.

The Bottom Line

Hampshire Labs Antiiva Men’s Formula appears to be a good product, with all the ingredients necessary for treating an enlarged prostate. Price is a little steep for individual purchases, but it equals out with the competition when buying in bulk. However, some customers are unsatisfied with Antiiva as it did not provide the results advertised by the manufacturer.

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Prosta-Strong Review

Prosta-Strong is a formula that was specifically developed for the support of the prostate gland.

This includes a combination of herbs and nutrients designed to support a healthy prostate.

Prosta-Strong can reduce frequent urination, pain, swelling and other hurtful prostate problems you might be experiencing.

Prosta-Strong Formula

Prosta-Strong contains the following ingredients:

  • Zinc- Zinc may help in preventing prostate cancer.
  • fish oil- Used for treating Menstrual pain.
  • saw palmetto extract- May be able to help an Enlarged prostate.
  • graminex flower pollen- Is used to promote prostate health.
  • stinging nettle extract- May be able to relieve symptoms of BPH.
  • pygeum extract- Can help with an enlarged prostate.
  • green tea extract- Can help with Prostate cancer.
  • pumpkin seed extract- Pumpkin Seed Extract can help with BPH.
  • lyc-o-tomato extract- lyc-o-tomato extract can help with prostate cancer.


The recommended dosage for Prosta-Strong is 4 liquid soft-gels daily.


The price of one bottle of Prosta-Strong is $31.99. Each bottle of Prosta-Strong contains 90 liquid soft-gels.

Prosta-Strong Guarantee

Prosta-Strong comes with no known guarantee.


Despite the fact that Prosta-strong contains ingredients that are beneficial to the body, those ingredients are not proven to be effective in treating prostate issues.

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Biogenesis Nutraceuticals BioProstate Review

This product is known to be good for the body as you can see on its color. Blue is a cool color after all, and you will be able to feel satisfaction for your health once that you take this cool supplement.

Biogenesis is proud to present you one of their finest supplements that you can take for the sake of an optimized health for your prostate.

This product is also good for other health purposes, but still, this product is perfect for those who need additional strength for their prostate to become immune against sicknesses.

Biogenesis Nutraceuticals BioProstate Ingredients

It’s a well known fact that the best supplements are made with all natural ingredients, and this one also have some natural ingredients such as these:

Recommended Dosage

It’s best to take two capsules a day whenever you use this supplement. It’s best to take this after every mealtime as well.

Side Effects

There are no reported side effects for this product. Just make sure that you take 1 – 2 servings a day will do well.


A bottle of this supplement costs $44.00.

Biogenesis Nutraceuticals BioProstate Money Back Guarantee

There is a money back guarantee for this product. Just make sure that you return it after 30 days of purchasing it in order for the company to provide a credit back on your account.


This product assures you that it will focus on providing the best benefits for your prostate so that you will be able to feel safe when it comes to your body. This supplement is all natural, and is meant for people who want to focus on providing health for their prostate. This product is guaranteed safe to use, and will bring your money back if you don’t like it.

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Medix Select Prostate Revive Review

Medix Select Prostate Revive is an all-natural supplement that is formulated for men.

It claims that it enhances the health of your prostate and helps a person to urinate properly.

It is made by medical doctors and chemists that give you an assurance that this product can cure all the problems in your prostate.

With this supplement, you are guaranteed that all your prostate problems will be gone.

Key Ingredients Of Medix Select Prostate Revive

This supplement is packed with 15 all-natural ingredients that help you to get a good prostate health. Below are some of the ingredients of Prostate Revive:

  • Saw Palmetto Berry Extract- This ingredient reduces the conversion of testosterone to DHT and enhances the inflammatory response.
  • Pomegranate Fruit Extract- This component has antioxidants which also promote inflammatory response. It also provides healthy cells in the urinary tract and prostate area.
  • Pumpkin Seed Powder- This powder has compounds called phytosterols, which control the size of the prostate. It also decreases the chance of converting the testosterone into DHT.
  • PygeumAfricanum Bark- This component reduces urinary frequency and hesitancy which gives you a good night’s sleep.
  • Boswellia Gum Extract- Apart from providing joint health, this extract is also good for inflammatory responses.

Daily Dosage

This supplement is taken orally. This should be taken twice a day in order to be more effective. If not, the result that you want will take much longer for it to occur.

Side Effects

Since it is made from all-natural ingredients, you are guaranteed that it won’t give you any harmful effects that may worsen your situation.

How Much Is The Medix Select Prostate Revive?

The suggested retail price of Prostate Revive is $79.90. But it will all depend on the number of items you will buy. The more bottles that you will buy, the greater the discount will be.


This product has a 60-day guarantee period. Meaning, you have to return it before the time expires. You also need to return the whole package. If not, you will only get half of the refunds.

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Dr. Murray’s Prostate Health Formula Review

Dr. Murray’s Prostate Health Formula prostate health product claims to be a hundred percent vegetarian diet supplement that promotes the enhancement of prostate function.

It is a long term solution designed for all men who are having problems with their prostate and also for those who want to have a lifelong healthy organ for that matter.

It comes in a purple bottle with 60 tablets inside.



  • Saw Palmetto extract. The extract originated from a plant that is used in ancient times to cure many degenerative diseases. It is proven to be a good cause in fighting cancer cells and treat many prostate issues.
  • Beta Sitosterol extract. This ingredient targets the treatment for the enlargement of prostate or the benign prostate hyperplasia.
  • Nettle Root extract. This component is known to be widely used in treating benign prostate hyperplasia.
  • Red Clover. This ingredient is an anti-estrogen substance that prevents prostate cancer cells from occurring.
  • It inhibits the progression and or development of prostate cancer cells.
  • Graminex Flower Pollen extract. This component provides prostate relief from all prostate issues especially that of the benign prostate hyperplasia.


The recommended dose for the product is 1 capsule twice per day or you can consult a professional about your own dosage.

Possible Side Effects

There are no claims for possible side effects. It is highly advised to get a consult especially if you are a hypersensitive person. Individual ingredients may react in your body causing allergies.

Will The Product Produce A Long Term Result?

The product is said to be a long term approach in maintaining prostate health.


The product costs $30 dollars which is the average price of most prostate health products.


There are no claims for any money back guarantees. This is because the sellers are confident with the efficacy of the product and of the customers’ satisfaction.


Dr. Murray’s Prostate Health Formula is a good prostate health supplement considering the ingredients that it has.

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Diagnosis Of Enlarged Prostate Or BPH

A Diagnosis of BPH

First of all, males as well as females must know what is an enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia. Awareness is the first step to make sure that everyone at risk of developing this condition manages it well.  Suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia does not mean you are suffering from cancer. The word “benign” means just that — non-cancerous.  Through the years of treatment and diagnosis, medical experts have categorized the physical condition as LUTS or Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms, because it is also possible for a guy to experience the symptoms of BPH even when the prostate is not enlarged.

The Prostate as a Gland

Diagnosis Of Enlarged Prostate Or BPHThis gland is only present in males.  It is located in the body’s urinary system or urinary tract, specifically around the urethra where urine is expelled from the body. The risk of developing benign prostatic hyperplasia or enlarged prostate increases as men age, especially from 50 and up. This is one of the main reasons why urine is blocked, causing painful and/or difficult urination.

If the person does not have abnormal prostate size, then another possible reason for difficulty in urination could be a deficiency in elasticity of the bladder muscle groups.

Symptoms are categorized into three levels: mild, moderate, and severe.

BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia is not a fatal physical condition. But the effects or symptoms of an enlarged prostate are so uncomfortable that they can hinder the patient from doing simple daily tasks. Medical experts or doctors must treat this condition in order keep it from worsening and escalating into urinary tract infections, possibly damaging the bladder and kidney.

More than half of males ages 50 and up experience BPH. The good news is that most of these conditions, may not need the attention of a medical specialist. A regular doctor can help minimize the symptoms or even eliminate BPH early on. Sadly, most men who have BPH choose to leave the condition untreated, leading to further organ damage.

Factors in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Diagnosis Of Enlarged Prostate Or BPHScience views the main reason for the development of benign prostatic hyperplasia as aging. Next to that is the increased production of hormones namely, dihydrotestosterone and testosterone.  These 5a-reductase hormones increase and infest the prostate gland, causing the gland to be inflamed or increase in size. One thing noted by the experts is that the chances of developing BPH in men who have their testicles removed early on is ZERO. This means that the testicles can also be considered as a factor for this condition.

The environment and common food also affect the development of BPH. Studies of Asians show a lesser rate of BPH. However, those Asians who migrated to North America developed BPH at the same rates as natives and/or the Caucasians of the region. In contrast, Africans and/or African Americans have a higher threshold for the age in developing BPH — at least 60 and up compared to 50 and up for others.

Symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

The most common symptom present in BPH is difficulty in urinating, which can range from mild to severe. The difficulty can either be in initiating urination or in the actual process of stopping it. The frequency for urination is also considered a symptom, if the person is observed urinating more often, even if the bladder is not yet really full.

The Actual Diagnosis

The ISPS or the International Prostate Symptom Scale is used to help in the diagnosis. If there is any problem with the prostate that must be addressed, this chart will help the doctor see the severity of the prostate condition. The ISPS works in conjunction with the person’s complete medical history to study whether a possibility of prostate enlargement is present. The next steps are diagnostic procedures, which range from several physical tests (including a rectal examination) to laboratory tests (including a blood and urine test). If a even a slight risk of cancer is seen, the doctor will perform more tests to confirm suspicions.

Diagnosis Of Enlarged Prostate Or BPHOther tests like sediment analysis to microscopic process and other urinalysis may be performed in order to rule out or see if there is a urinary tract infection. While an ultrasound is necessary, a urine flow measurement, and catheterization are also required for urgent or severe cases of prostate enlargement. Doctors may also request a PSA or prostate antigen tests.

Based on the looks of it, BPH is something quite inevitable as men age, but it can also be avoided with proper body care. Studies show that going for the right diet (healthy and beneficial choice of foods) and daily exercises can reduce the risk of developing prostate conditions, especially BPH.  This is based on the fact that fats are reduced or eliminated around the prostate area, one of the factors in the development of BPH.

Nevertheless, it is better for a person to have himself checked if he feels the slightest symptoms of BPH.  If the symptoms do not exist or if you have family members who have had conditions such BPH or prostate cancer, go through the series of medical checkups on or before age 50 to ensure that the bladder and prostate are working the way they should.