This product is known to be good for the body as you can see on its color. Blue is a cool color after all, and you will be able to feel satisfaction for your health once that you take this cool supplement.

Biogenesis is proud to present you one of their finest supplements that you can take for the sake of an optimized health for your prostate.

This product is also good for other health purposes, but still, this product is perfect for those who need additional strength for their prostate to become immune against sicknesses.

Biogenesis Nutraceuticals BioProstate Ingredients

It’s a well known fact that the best supplements are made with all natural ingredients, and this one also have some natural ingredients such as these:

Recommended Dosage

It’s best to take two capsules a day whenever you use this supplement. It’s best to take this after every mealtime as well.

Side Effects

There are no reported side effects for this product. Just make sure that you take 1 – 2 servings a day will do well.


A bottle of this supplement costs $44.00.

Biogenesis Nutraceuticals BioProstate Money Back Guarantee

There is a money back guarantee for this product. Just make sure that you return it after 30 days of purchasing it in order for the company to provide a credit back on your account.


This product assures you that it will focus on providing the best benefits for your prostate so that you will be able to feel safe when it comes to your body. This supplement is all natural, and is meant for people who want to focus on providing health for their prostate. This product is guaranteed safe to use, and will bring your money back if you don’t like it.

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