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Top 5 Prostate Products

Which prostate supplement took home the Editor's Choice Award? We understand how challenging and uncomfortable living with the symptoms of an unhealthy prostate can be so, to help arm you with all you need to know for optimizing good prostate health, we have listed our top 5 prostate products that provide the ultimate support, relief and nourishment. To come up with our top treatments, we evaluated scores of prostate product options, from over-the-counter, homeopathic, to all natural products. We listed them here in order of superiority and based our research on the following criteria:

  • 1) Effectiveness
  • 2) Speed of Results
  • 3) Quality of Ingredients
  • 4) Product Safety
  • 5) Customer Service
  • 6) Customer Feedback
  • 7) Reorder Rate
  • 8) Return Policy
  • 9) Success Rate


Prostate Health Center Top 5 Rating


Proaxil Prostacet Prostanol Antiiva ProState Relief
1 2 3 4 5
Price (1 bottle)
Price (6 bottles) Best Value
Overall Rating 99.6% 88.2% 80.9% 77.8% 69.1%
Speed of Results* Extremely Fast Good Average Average Slow
Quality of Ingredients Premium Good Good Average Average
Customer Satisfaction Evaluation 99% 86% 80% 75% 66%
Safety Evaluation Safe for Use Safe for Use Safe for Use Safe for Use Safe for Use
Customer Service Rating
Reorder Rate Highest Good Good Average Average
Return Policy Risk Free Good Risk Free Good Risk Free
Success Rate 99% 85.2% 78% 74% 67%

*The views and opinions expressed in this page are strictly those of the Editor. Results vary.

Prostate Products For 2017

#1 Proaxil

Overall Rating: 99.1%

Product Claims

When it comes to maintaining the condition and overall health of the prostate, Proaxil is a great supplement, it is in fact one of the top products - our #1 choice. The formula of Proaxil is created by medical experts and doctors, and it intends to maximize the benefits from natural ingredients to nourish and support the prostate in a holsitic way. Proaxil works to address all elements of prostate health which includes urinary and sexual health issues.* This health supplement contains pure, all-natural ingredients that have met the strict standards of the United States Pharmacopeia National Formulary, and are prepared and blended in an FDA registered facility which adheres to cGMP. These ingredients contain helpful natural chemicals like phytosterols that are thought to benefit males who are suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH.*


Proaxil offers a variety of package deals, which are highly competitive and remain unmatched by other competing brands. This health supplement offers consumers two free bottles when purchasing two bottles. This equates to $24.95 for each bottle. The discounts increase with their top selling package which is the best value at only $23.30 per bottle. It is truly an unbeatable deal when you consider that the amazing benefits you receive from quality all natural key ingredients for such a low price, together with the manufacturer’s 60-day money back guarantee!


Proaxil is the Editor’s #1 Choice. Proaxil is clearly a supplement that is packed with quality ingredients and offers great results, as is shown in the many positive customer reviews it has.* It is one of the of the leading health supplements focused on improving prostate health on the market today. Just by looking at the basic ingredients of Proaxil and the good count of highly satisfied consumers, we can clearly state that it is absolutely the Editor’s Pick for the #1 Top Product of natural supplements for prostate health, for good reason.

#2 Prostacet

Overall Rating: 78%

Product Claims

This is a review for a product called Prostacet. It's manufacturer claims that this product delivers key ingredients to nutritionally support the body.* Prostacet contains Lycopene and Saw Palmetto, elements rich in antioxidants that help the body nourish and support good overall health.* It also contains essential vitamins like Vitamin E, Selenium and Zinc for added benefit. Nevertheless, Prostacet is missing some of the vital clinically proven ingredients that are present in our first choice.


Each bottle of Prostacet contains 60 capsules, the equivalent of 30 servings, so one bottle lasts for one month and it is priced at $49.95. The company making Prostacet offers a 90 day money back guarantee on purchases, so you can try this product risk free, which is always a bonus.


While it s a relatively good supplement, especially for maintaining good health, it contains fewer key ingredients, compared to our #1 pick. The editor would be more favorable towards this supplement if it contained several more beneficial ingredients as well as, providing some more consumer friendly deals to reduce the price a little for customers. Prostacet was almost there with a top quality product but we felt that there were several key elements missing. It does contain some important ingredients effective for good prostate health but is missing many others. We also felt that their money back guarantee was limited since only unused or unopened items may be returned. If they addressed these issues, we felt that this could have been a winner!

#3 Prostanol

Overall Rating: 73.5%

Product Claims

Prostanol uses some good natural ingredients that have been associated with good prostate health.* However, it still lacks many clinically proven ingredients compared to our 1st choice. It claims to resolve a range of health issues that an unhealthy prostate can bring* which is definitely a big plus for this product.


We felt that Prostanol offered a good product but the price was a bit on the expensive side, with limited bulk purchase deals available for consumers. The manufacturer offers a full 60 day money back guarantee. However, we did not find any consumer reviews on its website, which concerned us slightly.


All in all, Prostanol is a good supplement, but it contains fewer ingredients than we would like to have seen. Prostanol offers several very positive elements. The ingredients are all natural, with some essential key elements included in their formula, providing many benefits without any noted side effects. We liked that Prostanol is backed by a risk-free 60 day money back guarantee, this is definitely an advantage. This allows many consumers to experience the benefits of this product without the worry of losing their money. However, the slightly higher price was a disappointment. Our biggest concern, was the lack of reviews, which left us a little wary about the overall performance of this product.

#4 Antiiva

Overall Rating: 62.4%

Product Claims

According to the manufacturer of Antiiva, this prostate supplement provides a good solution for supporting and nourishing the body for a healthy prostate.* It contains Isoflavones, Selenium, and Zinc to help promote good health and positive well-being.* The manufacturer of Antiiva claims that all the necessary ingredients are included for top benefits. We also liked the fact that it is made in the USA and that it adheres to cGMP.


We felt that the price for this product was reasonable compared to other similar products. It has a money back guarantee but it is not clear if this applies to opened or unopened bottles. Additionally, shipping is not covered by the guarantee and must be paid by the customer.


With these concerns in mind, we were unable to place this product any higher than we did. We did like the fact that it is all natural and some reviews suggest that it may help, although there were also some negative reviews. Its redeeming features however, include the fact that they use all natural ingredients, the price is reasonable, it is made in the USA and that it adheres to cGMP. Just remember that you might be taking a risk about the quality of the product since it has a limited money back guarantee.

#5 ProState Relief

Overall Rating: 61.5%

Product Claims

Our #5 pick is Native Remedies ProState Relief, which the manufacturer claims is efficient in the treatment of prostate health.* It contains some good homeopathic ingredients. However, although we felt that this was a good product, we found no clinical evidence to back up the effectiveness of homeopathic ingredients when dealing with prostate health. We liked that it is free of added fillers such as gluten, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and that it is listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS), the official homeopathic compendium accepted by the FDA.


Because this supplement is homeopathic in nature, it requires the person to take a bigger dosage each day. In fact, the manufacturer of ProState Relief recommends a person take at least three 3 tablets, which must be done two to three times every day. In other words, the manufacturer is saying that each person would have to consume 180 tablets in just 30 days. We felt that Prostanol offered a good product but the price was a bit expensive, with limited bulk purchase deals available for consumers.


ProState Relief is a good supplement if you are looking for a homeopathic option. We remain skeptical about the positive effects that this product may yield, especially without clinical research to backup the manufacturers claims. We didn't really like the fact that it’s formula was only homeopathic and did not include any clinically proven ingredients. Overall, we felt that it would need to introduce some more effective key ingredients to reach a higher ranking.

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