Prosta-Strong is a formula that was specifically developed for the support of the prostate gland.

This includes a combination of herbs and nutrients designed to support a healthy prostate.

Prosta-Strong can reduce frequent urination, pain, swelling and other hurtful prostate problems you might be experiencing.

Prosta-Strong Formula

Prosta-Strong contains the following ingredients:

  • Zinc- Zinc may help in preventing prostate cancer.
  • fish oil- Used for treating Menstrual pain.
  • saw palmetto extract- May be able to help an Enlarged prostate.
  • graminex flower pollen- Is used to promote prostate health.
  • stinging nettle extract- May be able to relieve symptoms of BPH.
  • pygeum extract- Can help with an enlarged prostate.
  • green tea extract- Can help with Prostate cancer.
  • pumpkin seed extract- Pumpkin Seed Extract can help with BPH.
  • lyc-o-tomato extract- lyc-o-tomato extract can help with prostate cancer.


The recommended dosage for Prosta-Strong is 4 liquid soft-gels daily.


The price of one bottle of Prosta-Strong is $31.99. Each bottle of Prosta-Strong contains 90 liquid soft-gels.

Prosta-Strong Guarantee

Prosta-Strong comes with no known guarantee.


Despite the fact that Prosta-strong contains ingredients that are beneficial to the body, those ingredients are not proven to be effective in treating prostate issues.

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