This review for Native Remedies ProState Relief is intended to inform you about the characteristics of this herbal supplement and give you a general idea whether you should purchase this product or not.

The manufacturer states it is very efficient in alleviating sudden and strong urges that accompany frequent trips to the bathroom at night. It does so by strengthening urine flow during urination and preventing dribbling after from happening afterwards.

Customers can choose between taking this product in pellet form or as a dissolvable tablet.


This homeopathic product is made using the following ingredients:

  • Sabal serrulata 6C HPUS
  • Cubeba 6C HPUS
  • Chimaphila umbellata 6C HPUS
  • Conium maculatum 6C HPUS
  • Clematis 6C HPUS

This mixture of ingredients is carefully selected as it has the most benefits when it comes to treatment of prostate problems. These range from prostate support and bladder control to assistance with difficulties concerning frequent trips to the bathroom, dripping and intermittent and weak urine flow.


Directions are fairly simple, both for dissolvable tablets and pellets. They should be taken every two to three hours on an empty stomach. Once the symptoms subside, take them three times per day, for 5 straight days. The only difference between the two is dosage, you should take two tablets or four pellets per serving.


One bottle of ProState Relief will cost you $39.95, whether you get it in tablet or pellet form. This may seem a bit expensive, but the manufacturer is offering a discount for bulk buying where if you buy two bottles you get one bottle of ProState Relief for free.

What to Expect

As is the case with all products of this nature, time needed for results to become noticeable varies from individual to individual. Some may experience improvement within days of using this product, while for others it may take a bit longer than expected.

For me, it took just a couple of days before I started noticing some small improvements concerning my prostate problem, but nothing major, as advertised. I will continue using it for some time, as the manufacturer advises using it continuously for best results.

Keep an Eye Out

Make sure to consult your doctor or a health care representative if the symptoms persist over time or get even worse. Strong, mint-flavored candy should be avoided when taking this product, as may reduce its effectiveness.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Customers unsatisfied with their purchase may return the product within a full year of the original purchase and get a full refund. Have in mind that refunds are given only for orders of $200 or less. Orders that exceed $200 are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Review are present on the original product page and customers seem satisfied with their purchase.

The Bottom Line

Native Remedies ProState Relief appears to be a good product, according to a number of satisfied customers. This is a good thing for new customers, which rely heavily on the reviews before purchasing. The only downside is the price, which is somewhat steep even with the available discount.

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