According to the manufacturer of Antiiva, this prostate supplement can help in reducing the manifestations of benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH.  This prostate supplement contains Isoflavones, Selenium, and Zinc to help the body in overall nourishment especially in maintaining the healthy condition of the prostate.  Apparently, it fell under the 4th choice from the list of the prostate supplements eventhough the manufacturer of Antiiva is claiming that all necessary ingredients to promote good prostate help is found in seven different products that they are offering (as published in their website).

About Antiiva As The 4th Choice For Prostate SupplementAntiiva, as a prostate supplement is formulated to help the body’s immune system especially of the reproductive system which will then reduce the risk of developing any prostate conditions such benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or prostate cancer.  The manufacturer of this prostate supplement claims the effectiveness and efficiency of the product through the proprietary blend.  Apparently, proprietary claims are one of the best ways to hide the real deal for the product especially to its ingredients.  Obviously, the manufacturer’s website does not disclose any specific information about the ingredients that they added to the supplement.  This will also make it hard to determine whether each pill has the right dosage to promote the health claims.

Antiiva’s Position In The Market

The manufacturer of this diet supplement is selling each bottle for $39.95 and a discounted price of $119.90 if the consumer buys the supplement in bulk of four bottles, giving a slash of almost $10.00 to the regular retail price.  Even though the retail price of this diet supplement is lower compared to the other prostate supplements, the fact that the product is unable to provide assurance of effectiveness or safety, the price of the supplement is a bit too much.

The Conclusion For Antiiva As A Health Supplement

The goal of Antiiva as a supplement for the prostate is good but it would be better if the manufacturer would quit using proprietary claims so that the consumers would know what they have used or added as ingredients to come up with the formula.