Given the lifestyle that is being offered to society, most men nowadays are now suffering from prostate sicknesses. It is of this reason why there are now a lot of supplements out there that particularly help in the prostate condition of men. Thus, more and more companies are now finding the best dietary supplement which will particularly help cure any problems that are related to prostate problems. It is also one thing to deal with the unwanted side effects that are being brought about by prostate problems so it is only fitting and proper to find the best solution to cure this problem.

The American BioSciences, Inc. HP8 is considered to be one of the scientifically advanced supplements especially when it comes to problems related to the prostate problem. It helps fight of any causes that will produce any problems in the prostate glands.

Ingredients In American BioSciences, Inc. HP8:

The following are the major ingredients of the American BioSciences, Inc. HP8

  • Saw Palmetto: It functions well in the prostate problems of men.
  • Licorice root: It helps in the proper stimulation of the aldosterone which is an adrenal cortex hormone.
  • Willow Herb Leaf: It is an enzyme that helps in various prostate problems.
  • Wild Rosella Calyx: it is an anti oxidant which helps rebuild cellular formation.
  • Grape Complex Seed and Skin: They are great anti oxidants for the prostate glands.
  • Bromelain: It is also an enzyme that comes from the pineapple
  • Selenium: It is an antioxidant that prevents cellular damage.


This product should be taken twice on a daily basis. This is preferably taken after every meal.

Possible Side Effects:

There are no harmful side effects noted on this product.

How Much Is The American BioSciences, Inc. HP8?

The said product would cost around $34.99. It has no known discounts and that there are no express promotional offers on this product.


This product is guaranteed natural and safe in which results will be noticed in a matter of days. However there are no known money back guarantees.

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