Natural Source International, Ltd. Prostabel is a prostate health supplement said to be the result of 50 years of research. It is endorsed by Dr. Mirko Beljanski, the name behind the aforementioned long interval of research dedicated to making a specific product to maintain prostate health. Unlike other products that focus on alleviating symptoms, and regulating hormonal balance, this health supplement is targeted at increasing the immune system’s response when the prostate gland is affected by toxins and other substances.

The health supplement reviewed here is supposed to work by stimulating the body to recreate the lost cells and replace them with new ones, so that the gland can function properly once more. We decided to take a closer look at this product, to understand how it exactly helps patients with prostate conditions.

What Does Natural Source International, Ltd. Prostabel Contain?

Natural Source International, Ltd. Prostabel contains very particular ingredients we do not usually see in prostate health supplements, as follows:

The most popular prostate health supplements on the market do not contain the herbal extracts described above. So, exactly how this product works is difficult to determine. Since these herbal extracts are said to be the fruit on long life research, they may be helpful, but we usually recommend customers to stick to well tried formulas, especially those made with ingredients that have been clinically tested for their results.


According to the manufacturer, you can take up to 10 pills daily, which is quite a lot. You may have to ask your doctor how many pills you should take.


A bottle with 100 pills costs 145USD, which is very steep, compared to most products for prostate health on the market. Also, since you have to take so many pills every day, you may find yourself popping pills all day long, and go through one bottle in just 10 days.

Natural Source International, Ltd. Prostabel Guarantee

On the manufacturer’s website, we found no refund policy offered. Even more, the manufacturer states that if you are shipped the correct order, no refund is possible, so we suggest caution when dealing with this company.


The best herbal remedies for prostate health include beta sitosterol, saw palmetto, stinging nettle, pygeum bark, and many others. However, we saw none of the above included in the formula for Natural Source International, Ltd. Prostabel. Actually, we saw just two ingredients that have not been clinically tested, even if they are the result of scientific research, as it is said on the manufacturer’s website. Being endorsed by medical sources, this can be an efficient product, but we find it to be quite steep, and without a proper refund policy, we are not sure whether you should take such a risk or not.

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