When it comes to treating prostate problems, there are many manufacturers promoting their products as being their best fit for solving them. However, this does not mean that you should just take their word for it, and further research is necessary. In case of prostate problems, most natural supplements are based on certain ingredients obtained from plants, with known effects in treating the gland, and the issues and conditions that can appear with aging.

Natural Sources All Prostate veers away from the tried recipes and offers an alternative: the use of prostate tissue extracted from bovine sources. How effective such a product can be, we do not know, so you may want to learn more about this particular health supplement before taking a decision.

What Does Natural Sources All Prostate Contain?

The list of ingredients for Natural Sources All Prostate is quite simple, because this health supplement contains a single ingredient:

  • Prostate Tissue – 150 mg

According to the manufacturer, the prostate tissue included in this formula comes from bovine sources and it is passed through the manufacturing process with special attention being given to maintain all the vitamins, enzymes, nucleotides, lipoproteins and other compounds that are needed to make the product effective. The main role of this ingredient is to regulate the secretions of the prostate gland, to keep sperm healthy.


The recommended dosage for Natural Sources All Prostate is two pills daily, after meals.


The price for a bottle with 60 pills, enough for one month supply, is 11.99USD, which is quite cheap, compared to other prostate health supplements.

Natural Sources All Prostate Guarantee

We did not see any clear guarantee for refunds on the manufacturer’s website, so this may be an issue you need to contact them directly in order to solve.


Natural Sources All Prostate is different from many other health supplements on the market for prostate conditions, in the sense that its ingredient comes from animal sources. Also, the product does not contain anything else, so it is hard to say how effective it truly is. The price is cheap, but there is also no clear guarantee offered, so you may want to shop around some more, before making a decision.

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