Prostate Optimizer is a combination of the nutrients that are associated with prostate health.

The combination of these nutrients help make Prostate Optimizer a comprehensive and balanced support for overall prostate health.

Prostate Optimizer can minimize many prostate problems experienced by men.

These problems include swelling of the prostate, urinary problems, sexual problems and many more prostate related problems.

Prostate Optimizer Formula

Prostate Optimizer contains the following ingredients:

  • saw Palmetto Berry Extract-Supports the function of the bladder.
  • Cernitin Pollen Extract- Helps with urinary flow.
  • Stinging Nettle Extract- Can support the function of a healthy bladder and help with urinary flow.
  • Phytosterols-helps with the replication of cells in the prostate.
  • Vitamin D- Can help with prostate cell replication.
  • Lyc-O-Mato- Lyc-O-Mato, like Vitamin D and Phytosterols, can help with the reproduction of cells in the prostate.


The recommended dosage for Prostate Optimizer is 3 softgels each day with food.


Through out all of our research done, we have found that Prostate Optimizer has no price listed on their site.

Prostate Optimizer Guarantee

We have found that Prostate Optimizer has no guarantee to offer.


While the Prostate Optimizer is not a bad product, we have been unable to verify the effectiveness of its ingredients.

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