Zyflamend Prostate is a supplement that was made for giving your prostate a break and maintaining it’s health.

All of the ingredients in Zyflamend Prostate are key to prostate health and combined they help support normal urine flow, support a healthy antioxidant response and support the overall health of your prostate.

Zyflamend Prostate is for holistic prostate support.

Zyflamend Prostate Formula

Zyflamend Prostate contains the following ingredients:

  • Selenium– Selenium is known for it’s antioxidant properties. The antioxidants can protect the body’s cells from damage.
  • Saw Palmetto- This plant is used in treating prostate infections and chronic pelvic pain syndrome. It can also help with an enlarged prostate.
  • Organic Green Tea- Has been shown to help with prostate cancer.
  • Chinese Skullcap- There is insufficient evidence for showing that it can help prostate cancer and pelvic infections.
  • Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil- Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil has been shown to help with BPH symptoms.
  • Ginger- Ginger has been shown to be helpful with nausea and vomiting.
  • Rosemary– This herb may be able to help with Age-related mental decline.
  • Turmeric- Turmeric can help with some menstrual problems and pain.
  • Nettle- Nettle can help with poor circulation and wound healing.
  • Holy Basil- This can help with the common cold and Influenza.
  • Hu Zhang- There is insufficient evidence showing that Hu Zhang can help with menstrual problems.
  • Chinese Goldthread- Chinese Goldthread can help with many digestive problems.
  • Barberry- May be able to help with bladder problems.
  • Organic Oregano- Organic Oregano can help with painful menstrual period and wound healing.


The recommended dosage for Zyflamend Prostate is 2 soft-gels each day with food.


The price of one bottle of Zyflamend Prostate is $26.72. Each bottle of Zyflamend Prostate contains 60 soft-gels.

Zyflamend Prostate Guarantee

Zyflamend Prostate comes with no known guarantee.


Zyflamend Prostate contains many ingredients, but not all of these ingredients do anything for the prostate, or even are proven effective for anything.

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