The Comprehensive Prostate Formula claims to be one of the world’s top natural products for supporting the prostate.

Our research found that the product is marketed with phrases such as, ‘Widely-cited clinical studies’, however we were unable to verify these claims by locating any credible studies indicating these claims to be accurate.

It uses some very common herbal extracts, meaning that other than the exact measurements for its proprietary blend, the Comprehensive Prostate Formula is essentially the same as many other products.

Comprehensive Prostate Formula Ingredients

  • Zinc – “Preventing prostate cancer. Some preliminary research suggests that some men might benefit from taking zinc along with other vitamins and minerals for preventing prostate cancer. But other research suggests that taking zinc can increase the risk of developing prostate cancer and increase the risk of dying from prostate cancer.” – WebMD
  • Selenium – “Prostate cancer. There has been a lot of interest in studying whether taking selenium lowers the chance of getting prostate cancer. The interest was triggered by the observation that prostate cancer seems to be less common in men with higher selenium levels in their bodies. To date, there have been several large, long-term scientific studies. The majority of this evidence suggests that selenium does not reduce the chance of getting prostate cancer.” – WebMD
  • Saw Palmetto Berry Extract – “Treating prostate infections and chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Saw palmetto doesn’t seem to help prostate infections or chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Research studies to date have found that taking saw palmetto doesn’t seem to prevent prostate cancer.” – WebMD


Adults are recommended to take 4 capsules a day with food. 2 capsules twice daily is recommended. The dosage is quite high, requiring too many capsules to be ingested daily.


1 bottle of 120 vegetable capsules has an MSRP of $29.99.

Comprehensive Prostate Formula Guarantee

The Comprehensive Prostate Formula does not provide any guarantee of any kind.

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