Health Research Laboratories Betarol is a product designed to reduce prostate inflammation, reduce the frequency of trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and provide users with better libido and erections, and overall sexual health.

Since Health Research Laboratories Betarol is based on the well known ingredient found in plants called beta sitosterol that was also found to be particularly effective in alleviating the symptoms of prostatitis, we consider it a good pick for many men who consider caring for their prostate health, as they advance in age. Here is more insight on this particular health supplement.

What Does Health Research Laboratories Betarol Contain?

It is always very important to see what a certain health supplement contains to see whether it is a good pick for you or not. Here is the list of ingredients for Health Research Laboratories Betarol:

  • Beta Sitosterol – 300 mg
  • Pygeum Bark – 50 mg
  • Saw Palmetto – 100 mg
  • Campesterol (from beta sitosterol) – 150 mg
  • Stigmasterol (from beta sitosterol) – 135 mg
  • Brassicasterol (from beta sitosterol) – 15 mg
  • Isoflavones – 25 mg
  • Selenium – 35 mcg
  • Zinc – 10 mg
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil – 5 mg

From the first look, we see that Health Research Laboratories Betarol is rich in substances derived from the much appreciated beta sitosterol, which are very effective in treating the symptoms of prostatitis. Also, the use of traditional remedies for prostate problems and male health in general, like pygeum bark and saw palmetto, is commendable. The product also contains zinc and selenium, two important minerals for prostate health.


The recommended daily serving size is two capsules.


One single bottle with 60 capsules, or one month supply, is priced at 29.95USD.

Health Research Laboratories Betarol Guarantee

The product comes with a 60 days money back guarantee attached, so you can see for yourself if the product works for you or not.


Health supplements are usually useful when you are looking for treatment of conditions that cannot be treated with chemical based medicine without causing side effects. Natural ingredients have the advantage of treating the body in a holistic manner, helping you to enjoy overall well being. Health Research Laboratories Betarol is a product designed to help men over the age of 40 to care for prostate health without having to appeal to chemical based medicine. Its contents recommend the product as one that is reliable, but more herbal remedies could have been included, for better effectiveness.

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