Herbalife Ultimate Prostate Formula supports proper urinary function and is formulated with saw palmetto, shown to support prostate health and urinary function.

Herbalife Ultimate Prostate Formula is also an excellent source of the antioxidant Vitamin E.



Herbalife Ultimate Prostate Formula Ingredients

Ingredients include the following (specific ingredient amounts were not provided in the product source):


1 softgel twice a day.


The product source contained no price information.

Herbalife Ultimate Prostate Formula Guarantee

The product source contained no information on product guarantees, return policies or product reviews but did have a contact number. The product source (the product is distributed by a network of local dealers) also had a “Contact Us” link but when this link was clicked all that appeared was an error message. A contact phone number for the U.S. was located in another part of the product source web site.


With only limited information about this product available including price it is hard to make a recommendation. Anyone considering buying this product should contact the vendor or a local dealer for more product information including price and might also consider seeing a health care professional for help in evaluating this product.

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