Prostate health and management are important as the prostate causes inconvenient urinary frequency that affects a large portion of the male population over 50.

Brizo is a novel soy extract that deals with this problem and aids and supports prostate health.



Ingredients In Brizo Prostate Support

Ingredients include soy extract – 400 mg.


1 capsule, twice daily morning and evening; can be taken with or without food.


$29.28 for a 56 capsule container (a 28 day supply).

Brizo Prostate Support Guarantees

The product source contains no information about product guarantees or returns although the source does contain a tool for sending comments or questions to the vendor and the product source does contain a vendor phone number. The product source contains only 1 customer review that is favorable.


The product source does not contain enough information to make an informed decision to buy this product without first contacting a health care professional. Even then it would be wise to contact the vendor for more information on product warranties and returns.

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