Enzymatic Therapy Prostate Advantage contains an exclusive combination of ingredients including saw palmetto that can help maintain prostate health.

Clinically Studied Saw Palmetto:

  • Best studied ingredient for natural prostate support,
  • Many clinical studies on saw palmetto show benefits for prostate health and urinary tract function,
  • Supports healthy testosterone balance,
  • Blocks the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) the less desirable form of the hormone.


Ingredients include saw palmetto complex however no other information about product ingredients is provided in the product source.


No information is provided in the product source about the recommended daily dose of this product.


$31.50 for 120 softgels.

Enzymatic Therapy Prostate Advantage Guarantee

The Enzymatic Therapy website provides a complete description of the company’s product return policy as well as a customer service number.


This product is sold both through the company website and through a network of local vendors. Given the limited amount of information provided in the product source about ingredients and dosage, prospective buyers should either contact the vendor directly or  visit a local dealer for more information before buying this product.

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