Beta Sitosterol can provide you and your prostate many benefits.

It can support the health of your prostate, boost immunity, control cholesterol, relieves menopause symptoms and can also help to relieve the symptoms of an enlarged prostate including burning pee, urination problems and many of the other symptoms that can come with an enlarged prostate.

Beta Sitosterol can help you with many of your life problems. It is for the health and wellness of your prostate.

Beta Sitosterol Formula

  • Beta Sitosterol– This can help with enlarged prostates, reduce symptoms of BPH, boost your immunity system and relieve prostate problems such as urine problems and burning.


The recommended dosage for the adults who are taking Beta Sitosterol is two capsules daily.


Beta Sitosterol is $11.99 for one bottle. Each bottle of Beta Sitosterol contains 90 capsules.

Beta Sitosterol Guarantee

The Beta Sitosterol guarantee is 100% money back if you are unsatisfied. This however, does not include money back on shipping. You must provide the tracking number to return the package and get any money back.


Beta Sitosterol has not been proven to be effective in any regards for the overall health of the prostate. You should avoid any supplement or treatment that includes it, as it more or less a placebo.

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