Phyto Therapy Prostate Control is advertised as being a blend of herbal remedies, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, designed to maintain good prostate health. Men often suffer from prostate conditions as they age, which is why care for preventing such ailments from happening must be given even prior to any symptoms. However, alleviating the symptoms is important, once the conditions appear, because it can help men lead a normal life, even if they suffer from such problems.

Phyto Therapy Prostate Control seems to be a good product, because it contains important ingredients with known roles in fighting symptoms of prostate problems. Here is the information we found on this particular product.

What Does Phyto Therapy Prostate Control Contain?

Here is the comprehensive list of ingredients for Phyto Therapy Prostate Control:

  • Pro Vitamin A – 5000 IU
  • Vitamin E – 30 IU
  • Zinc – 6 mg
  • Saw Palmetto – 160 mg
  • Pygeum Africanum – 10 mg
  • Beta Sitosterol – 26 mg
  • Pumpkin Seed – 500 mg
  • Lutein – 500 mcg
  • Lycopene – 500 mcg
  • Zeaxanthin – 250 mcg
  • Curcumin – 50 mg
  • Ginseng – 15 mg

We are glad to see so many great products included in the same formula. Beta sitosterol is a compound extracted from herbal sources, identified as being effective in treating the symptoms of benign prostate hypertrophy, the medical name for enlarged prostate. Lycopene, for instance, is a great antioxidant, as well, and saw palmetto is the best herbal remedy, traditionally used for treating prostate problems. The single thing we wanted to see included and the product does not have is amino acids, which can be particularly helpful in improving prostate conditions.


The recommended dosage for Phyto Therapy Prostate Control is two softgels daily.


The listing price for one bottle with 60 softgels is 24.95USD.

Phyto Therapy Prostate Control Guarantee

We saw no guarantee offered on the manufacturer’s website, so you may have to contact the company directly to solve any issues with your order.


Overall, Phyto Therapy Prostate Control looks like a good, reliable product. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, as well as great herbal remedies, all well known to treat prostate symptoms and conditions. We would have loved to see some essential amino acids included in the formula, but all in all, this is a health supplement you can use for preventing certain symptoms and enhancing your prostate health.

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