Prostate health is very important for men, especially as they age. An oversized prostate gland can have a wide array of disadvantages, such as the need to frequently use the bathroom, decreased sex drive, and other discomforts. Natural supplements are much preferred to their chemical counterparts, because they do not come with the same side effects, and they treat the affection, while increasing overall health and well being. However, in order to be effective, natural supplements need to include certain compounds in their formula. Superior Source Prostate Helper is a product based on traditionally used herbs, plus other ingredients used for prostate health. Let’s see if this product is a good choice for you or not.

What Does Superior Source Prostate Helper Contain?

This is the list of ingredients for Superior Source Prostate Helper:

  • Zinc – 4 mg
  • Selenium – 200 mcg
  • Herbal blend (Saw Palmetto, Pygeum Bark, Cranberry Extract) – 100 mg
  • Stevia Leaf Extract – 4 mg
  • Lactose
  • Natural peppermint flavor
  • Maltodextrin
  • Acacia gum

The first three ingredients listed are the most important, the rest being added just for flavor and binding purposes. It must be mentioned that the product is delivered as multi-lingual tablets, that you need to keep beneath the tongue and let dissolve slowly. We notice that Superior Source Prostate Helper contains Saw Palmetto, which is a herb traditionally used for treating symptoms of enlarged prostate. Pygeum bark is also useful, because it reduces the frequency of night urination. Cranberry helps urinary tract health, while selenium ensures that the body has plenty of antioxidants to stay health. Zinc is a good mineral for male health in general.


The recommended dosage for Superior Source Prostate Helper is one tablet daily, taken as described above.


The price for a bottle with 60 tablets is 9.99USD, which is a cheap price, seeing that you purchase two month supply.

Superior Source Prostate Helper Guarantee

We saw no clear guarantee on the manufacturer’s website, so you may have to rely on resellers’ policies for refunds and returns.


Generally speaking, Superior Source Prostate Helper sounds like a good natural supplement for prostate health. However, we saw no trace of important ingredients for treating enlarged prostate, such as beta sitosterol, clinically tested for urinary retention and urinary tract health. Also, there are many other herbs that we expect to be included for best results, such as muira puama and epimedium, known as horny goat weed.

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