Prostate Defense is for the protection of your prostate gland.

A healthy prostate is the key to great urinary and sexual health.

Prostate Defense can act as a valve to stop back-flow that comes from urine, produce some semen and help to eject semen during sexual intercourse.

Prostate Defense Formula

Prostate Defense contains the following ingredients:

  • Saw Palmetto– Saw Palmetto supports the male genitourinary system and also a healthy prostate.
  • Beta Sitosterols & Pygeum- These are both known for their abilities to support the prostate and better urinary flow.
  • Lycopene, Pumpkin Seed, Selenium and Zinc- All three of these special ingredients are nutrients that support prostate health and overall health.
  • Fish Oil- Fish Oil is a type of Omega-3 and is an essential fatty acid.


The recommended dosage for Prostate Defense is 2 soft-gels each day with food and a glass of water.


The price of one bottle of Prostate Defense is $19.99. Each bottle of Prostate Defense includes 50 soft-gels.

Prostate Defense Guarantee

Through out all of our research, we found that Prostate Defense comes with no guarantee.


Prostate Defense comes with no known guarantee. This is not good for your wallet. No guarantee means that if Prostate Defense does not work for, you can not get your money back. That is not right.

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