Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract ModuProst is a prostate health product that support fully functioning organ. It comes in a bottle with 60 capsules inside labeled as a dietary supplement. It is not evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration but is claimed to be an effective usage with the natural ingredients that it composes.

What Does It Claim To Do?

The supplement claims to be regained and maintain the complete function of the prostate glands and prevents it from getting higher risk of diseases that are severe and degenerative. It also claims to be of a great caring product in helping a person give the utmost maintenance in order to live a long happy life.


  • This ingredient is composed of plant sterol and sterolins which reduce risk of having benign prostate hyperplasia in men.
  • Saw Palmetto Extract. This component is also a good source of sterols and steronlins of plants which reduce risk of BPH and enhance function of the prostate gland.
  • Nettle Root Extract. This ingredient is a widely known treatment for BPH or benign prostate hyperplasia.
  • This ingredient is known to inhibit or stop the cancer cells in the prostate glands. It reduces the risk of having prostate cancer.
  • Green Tea extract. This component is used to prevent the risk of the formation of prostate cancer cells.


It is advised to take one capsule twice a day in between meals. This is somehow a downside compared to other prostate health supplements which can be taken only once per day.

Possible Side Effects

There are no claims for possible side effects. However, it is advised to seek an expert’s attention for your own reaction towards the individual ingredients that may cause reactions like allergies.

Will This Product Produce Long Term Results?

Yes. Given that the consumer is following the right amount and have constant intake, the product will have lifetime results.


The product costs $30 and varies according to the site that you will purchase it in.


There are no claims for any guarantees because the manufacturer is confident with the efficacy of their product.


Overall, Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract ModuProst seems to be a very promising supplement and the reviews range from neutral to positive.

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