Urinary problems affect not just seniors, but also younger men. Maintaining healthy prostate function can quickly become a priority, if you are experiencing pain, irritation, or weak flow when urinating.

In most cases, an inflamed prostate is at the root of all these issues, and you need to treat it as fast as possible, so that they do not evolve in a chronic form.

BuyHealth Prostacet is a natural supplement created for sustaining normal prostate function, ease urine flow, provide hormonal support, and help the bladder empty itself of urine. This is what the manufacturer says, so we wanted to learn more about the product.

What Does BuyHealth Prostacet Contain?

According to the list of ingredients, BuyHealth Prostacet seems to be a helpful product for prostate problems. Here are the compounds included on the list:

  • Zinc – 10 mg
  • Vitamin E – 5 mg
  • Selenium – 5 mcg
  • Proprietary Blend Extract (Saw Palmetto, Lycopene, Corn Silk, Echinacea, Nettle Leaf, Cranberry, Parsley, Cayenne Pepper, Vitamin E, Curcumin) – 400 mg

While the list of ingredients does include many important ingredients for prostate health, like zinc and selenium, we cannot help but notice that beta sitosterol, an important natural compound extracted from plants that has been clinically tested for benefits in treating symptoms of enlarged prostate, is not on the list for this product. Also, we would have loved to see more herbal extracts included, like horny goat weed, and epimedium.

BuyHealth Prostacet Dosage

The recommended dosage for this prostate health supplement is two capsules daily.

BuyHealth Prostacet Pricing

Each bottle of BuyHealth Prostacet contains 60 capsules, or 30 servings, so one bottle lasts for one month and it is priced at 27.95USD.

BuyHealth Prostacet Guarantee

The company making BuyHealth Prostacet offers 90 days money back guarantee on purchases, so you can try this product risk free.


BuyHealth Prostacet has certain good points. It is reasonably priced, it offers a generous money back guarantee and it includes a good range of ingredients. The proprietary blend they use include traditionally used herbs for prostate health, and the presence of important minerals like zinc and selenium is also commendable. However, we would have wanted to see more natural ingredients used in the making of this particular health supplement.

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