Ever having problems down there? Surely, a man would have to reach that state in which one would be needing a dietary supplement in order to correct his prostate condition. As such a condition come with age, it is best that one should fortify your sexual performance and your prostate health with this supplement.

The Prosta-sentials is a product from the FoodScience of Vermont which helps men who are experiencing prostate dysfunction. It would surely help you fix your problems when it comes to your frequent urination and having a low or difficult flow when you are about to urinate.


The product FoodScience of Vermont Prosta-sentials contains all the much needed ingredients that would help enhance prostate health for men. These are the following:


In order to enjoy the full efficacy of the product, one must be able to take it as according to what has been indicated on its label or depending on the doctor’s advice. Primarily, it functions as a dietary supplement. This should be taken twice a day together with your meal. Each take must consist of 2 capsules.

Possible Side Effects

Considering the fact that this product has been created without any GMO ingredients, then one would be rest assured that the person taking it will not suffer any serious side effects. In fact, due to its all natural ingredients, no side effects have been reported upon taking this product.


The retail price of the FoodScience of Vermont Prosta-sentials is at $56.40. However, depending  on the supplier online from which you will be buying from, you would be able to enjoy a low price for as low as $29.29.


Given the prices that have been offered, no fixed guarantees have been given and once you have bought it, no returns may be guaranteed.

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