The group of doctors and medical experts created the formula that makes up Prostanol.  This prostate supplement contains ingredients that are said to be beneficial when it comes to promoting better prostate health.  This health supplement falls under the 3rd choice in the list of prostate supplements.  The main reason is that it only has three (3) ingredients out of eighteen (18) ingredients that the 1st choice for the prostate supplement has.

Prostanol, as a supplement formulated for prostate, contains five types of phytosterols which are mixed together to come up with an element that would help in improving the physical state and protect the prostate.  This supplement also contains vitamins like Vitamin B6 and Zinc in order to maintain the healthy state of the gland.  With all these beneficial ingredients, it still lacks ingredients compared to the 1st choice.

About Prostanol As The 3rd Choice For Prostate SupplementFor men, amino acids play a big role in maintaining the overall health of the body in every age bracket.  Amino acids are known to help men’s body in producing healthy level of testosterone as well as absorption.  This natural occurring acids in the body build and protect tissues as well as enables the body to regenerate cells for healing.  Prostanol has two (2) essential amino acids to enhance the production of energy in the body as well as promoting better tissue condition and enhanced mental functions.  The 1st choice for prostate supplement contains a total of three (3) essential amino acids making it more efficient in promoting better prostate condition.

Prostanol’s Position In The Market

The manufacturer of Prostanol is selling each bottle for $39.95 but consumers can get a discount if they buy in bulk of four (4) bottles for only $131.80 making each bottle priced $4.00 less than the normal price.  Nevertheless, this prostate supplement can be a bit expensive considering it has fewer ingredients compared to the 1st choice.

The Conclusion For Prostanol As A Health Supplement

All in all Prostanol is a good supplement only that it contains less ingredients that would make the protection of the prostate and enhance of the overall health of the body a little less as well.